Here are the Features of the Different Kinds Of Watches For Nurses

When it comes to purchasing and choosing a medical watch it is crucial that you check if its features are helpful to your profession and you also need to check its functionality. The medical watch should be easy to read, since nurses uses these watches to check the vital signs of their patients. While there are many different kinds of medical watches, you need to consider its features before you buy one.

Below are the things that you must take into consideration before you buy a medical watch:

A.) The watch face

When selecting a medical watch you must decide on the kind of watch face that you want and even its elements. Is it easier for you to read time on a watch that has a military time or a watch that contains a twelve hour cycle? Do you want classic analog watch or a digital watch? Do you prefer a regular numbered watch or a watch that has large numbers?

B.) Material

There are some materials that do not get germs. This is extremely important when you are a nurse. Medical watches are made using rubber, plastic and resin, which could be frequently washed and it is not harmful to people who have sensitive sin. Resin is the material that they used in making medical watches because you can easily wash and clean this type of material. Read more facts from

If you have any allergies, you must check the watch if it is hypoallergenic.

You must find a medical watch that is water resistant since you will be washing you hands on a regular basis

C.) Watch type

Depending on your preference, you could either have a wrist watch or a lapel watch. Get the facts here.

Wrist watches are good for nurses who wants to quickly check the time and does not want to put anything around the neck or to attached it to their uniform. You could easily check a wrist watch and it is not that heavy and not that easy to lose. But, there are still some nurses who wants to use a lapel medical watch. There are some nurses who prefer to use a lanyard watch because when they will wash their hands they do not need to remove the watch. Lapel watches are good if you do not feel comfortable in using wrist watches and they are also perfect for people who experience any allergies. All of the different kinds of medical watches has its advantages and disadvantages.

D.) The cost

The cost of a medical watch depends on the brand and the features. An estimate price of a medical watch for nurses would range from $20-$35

Medical watches that are $50 and above has more features, has a better warranty and a very good brand name.